the ‘oh shit’ kit

the ‘oh shit’ kit

What is the ‘oh shit’ kit? Let me tell you more! You know when you show up to an outdoor session and mom has some hairs that just won’t stay down? Or the little one has a runny nose and no one has a tissue for them. What about when the maternity dress doesn’t fit quite right and you want to clip it just a little tighter.. That’s where the ‘oh shit’ kit comes in handy!

what’s in the box?

This handy little box has a little bit of everything you need for an outdoor session toolbox! Majority of these items can be found in the travel section of your local target, but if you’re like me and love some Amazon prime, here’s everything I got off there.

For starters, I got a storage box to put everything in for easy transport between sessions. Some of the things I got to include in the box were a travel sewing kit, tide pens, safety pins, blonde colored bobby pins, brunette bobby pins, nipple covers for the sheer maternity dresses, double sided fashion tape, dry shampoo, hairspray, wrinkle release spray, and mini lint rollers. Amongst those items, I also got travel sized lotion, dental picks/flossers, Kleenex, wet wipes, clothes pins, and a first aid kit.

so cool, right!

I wanted to include a little bit of everything that might be needed at an outdoor session. I know how stressful it can be planning your entire family’s session, so this little box is for the moms who forgot that one thing as they were running out the door. Everything is small in size so it fits perfectly in the box and I can just bring it along to sessions as I need it! When it’s not ‘on the road’, it’ll be set up in my studio for the same use! Just in case moms need one last thing before their family portraits with their sweet new baby.

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