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in-studio maternity sessions

what is an in-studio maternity session?

in-studio maternity is a very clean and classic approach to maternity photography.

Instead of a more candid style posing, in-studio is very meticulously posed.

in-studio maternity sessions are done in my Phoenix studio, around 30-33 weeks. Availability is limited to Monday-Friday only. We have an entire client closet available, as well as exclusive vendors for hair and makeup prior to your session.

Adhesive pasties (linked HERE) and adhesive panties (liked HERE) are required for in-studio maternity. 

what to expect

from your session?

As an experienced Arizona maternity photographer I truly love what I do. I think pregnancy is absolutely beautiful and your changing body should be celebrated. Whether you’re a mother that struggled with getting pregnant, staying pregnant, or neither, every pregnancy deserves to be celebrated.

I know the hardships that come with being pregnant and how hard it is to feel beautiful some days, but I assure you, you will walk away feeling like the GODDESS that you are.

I have an amazing group of referrals that can bring your vision to life; that way, when you arrive we can jump right in to wardrobe, posing and set ups. This is your time to shine & we are here to walk you through it.

client closet

it’s essential that every detail is perfect, and that includes what you wear. It’s not just the props for newborns, and the fun accessories for cake smashes that I provide—I take it a step further with an entire client closet available specifically for your session.

Additionally, I’ve carefully selected outfits for siblings that will complement the newborn session. For moms, I understand the importance of feeling beautiful and at ease after giving birth, so I offer a variety of clothing options that are flattering and cozy.

And let’s not forget about dad – while the options for fathers are often overlooked, I’ve included stylish shirts that can be coordinated with the rest of the family’s attire to ensure he also feels part of this special moment.

Included in your session fee is a complementary in-studio outfit consultation. You can choose to do this prior to your session, OR if you’ve opted for an in-studio session it can be done the same day as your session. An in-person outfit consult offers a personalized, hands-on approach that can help you feel more prepared and confident for your photo session, ultimately resulting in better-quality photos that capture your individual style and personality.

real results...

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the complementary outfit consult with Shannon, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Initially, I was a bit hesitant about the idea, however, Shannon's expertise and keen eye for style quickly put me at ease.

What I loved most about the consult was that Shannon didn't just select outfits based on what I typically gravitate towards. Instead, she took the time to understand my personal style preferences and then introduced me to options I never would have considered on my own.

Trying on these new outfits was such a refreshing experience. It opened my eyes to styles that I never thought would work for me, but surprisingly did! Shannon's guidance and encouragement throughout the process were invaluable.

In the end, I left the consult feeling more confident and inspired in my wardrobe choices. I'm so excited to use these outfits for my session knowing I already chose what to wear. I highly recommend the outfit consult to anyone booking their session with Shannon.
client review

package options:



Mom (+Spouse and/or Child(ren) Optional)
Access to client closet wardrobe
3 outfits/looks
3 sets/backdrops lighting looks
Private viewing gallery
Your choice of 20 professional edited and retouched digital images



Mom (+Spouse Optional)
Access to client closet wardrobe
2 outfits/looks
2 sets/ backdrops
Private viewing gallery
Your choice of 10 professional edited and retouched digital images



Mom Only
Access to client closet wardrobe
1 outfits/looks
1 sets/backdrops
Private viewing gallery
Your choice of 5 professional edited and retouched digital images

Fine Print:
Sales Tax of 8.6% will be added to all packages.
A non-refundable retainer fee is due at time of booking to secure your session date, and is applied towards your session balance.
Prices subject to change without notice. Pricing will be honored at time of booking, booking today locks in current rate.
Payments may be made by cash or card.
Pricing is non-negotiable.

let's talk about

prints + products

While my services do include digital-only collections, meaning no printed artwork from your session, I feel compelled to express my deep belief in the transformative power of seeing oneself as art.

There’s something profoundly special about encountering your image in print, whether it’s flipping through the pages of your album or marveling at your exquisite metal art prints. In print, your memories become tangible, tactile, and timeless, inviting you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty of each frame.

So while digital copies offer convenience and accessibility, there’s a described magic that comes with holding your memories in your hands and admiring them in physical form. It adds emotion, and significance to the images, making them not just pictures, but cherished treasures for generations to come. 

When you step into our studio, it’s not just a visit—it’s an experience! While you wait for your session to complete, all of our products are available for you to see first hand. Seeing these products up close and personal isn’t just about admiring their beauty—it’s about envisioning your own memories brought to life in them. 

to learn more about the products we offer, follow this link.

frequently asked questions

Not very much! I have an entire client closet available to choose from, with a variety of sizes. 

However, adhesive pasties (linked HERE) and adhesive panties (liked HERE) are required for in-studio maternity. 

As an experienced Arizona maternity photographer, I recommend booking your maternity session around 30-34 weeks. This will also depend on how you’re feeling, and how big belly is. Some prefer doing it sooner, or even later, than the suggested time frame.

Yes! I do focus majority of the session on mom alone, but we can absolutely incorporate your spouse into some of the images if requested!

I am ready to book