FAQ with Shannon Burke Photography

FAQ with Shannon Burke Photography

Alright, I wanted to create an area where you could find all the information you needed to know before your session, here’s my official FAQ with Shannon Burke Photography. I hope this helps answer any questions you may have – if it doesn’t, please feel free to reach out and ask me!

What Do I Need to Bring?

Absolutely nothing. I provide everything needed for your studio session. I have all the props, wraps, and backdrops for your newborn session! For your cake smash, I include the decor, and cake (I work very closely with my baker to ensure we have the most perfect cake for your session! She can accommodate all allergies as well!) I also have outfits available if you want to use it for your session!

How long does the session take?

This varies on your package, and how the baby cooperates. A basic guideline for newborn sessions would be – 30 minutes for the precious package, an hour for the essence package, 90 minutes for the keepsake package, and two hours for the heirloom package. Again, this all depends on how baby tolerates everything, it may be longer, or it may be shorter.

When is the best time to schedule?

For newborns I recommend booking in your second trimester, I like to wait until you clear the first trimester, but I do book up quite fast so I definitely don’t recommend waiting until the last minute; I can’t guarantee I’ll have an opening.
For cake smashes I recommend booking around when baby is six months old. This gives us adequate time to plan everything for your session. And same as newborns, I do book up quite fast so I definitely don’t recommend waiting until the last minute; I can’t guarantee I’ll have an opening!

What happens after my session?

Following your session I’ll send a proofing gallery, this is sent usually around one week after your session. With this gallery you’ll be able to go through and select the images in your package. I’ll fully edit your selections and send a final gallery, this gallery is where you’ll be able to download and print your images!

What’s “normal” during a session?

Look, I know I share all the fun/cute stuff on social media – but you should know that’s not how the session always plays out! With newborns you can probably expect an accident or two, maybe more! There may be a period where baby wants nothing to do with sleeping, that’s okay! We’ll roll with it, and hopefully get some cute awake shots. It’s also totally normal to have to feed baby more often than you’re use to; believe it or not, they’re working hard, and burning a ton of calories.
Cake smashes are a totally different ball game. 11-12 months is a very tough age. Babies are usually very aware, and stranger danger is in full effect. But, we can take some extra time beforehand to help get them comfortable. Also, cake is a very weird texture for these new eaters. Some babies literally want nothing to do with eating their cake and that’s okay! I have some tricks to help! Fake it till you make it, right?

I hope this FAQ with Shannon Burke Photography helps answer your questions! If you’re ready to set up your session with us – feel free to take a look at our package list and contact us!

If you’re searching for a photographer within the Phoenix area, please contact me to schedule your session today. All newborn sessions take place at my private commercial studio located in North Phoenix (85085). I have a variety of props, all of which are available to use in your session.