Scottsdale Birth and Newborn Photographer | Graham

Scottsdale Birth and Newborn Photographer | Graham

I feel like I’m writing a book series; chapter one being the birth before this (go check out the blog post on Ava), and chapter two being this birth story.

In continuation of the last post, so I’m done freaking out that I thought I was going to miss one of these births – now, I’m just waiting to get the call from Kendall to join them for their birth story.

Kendall was supposed to go in at 12AM June 4th, I had my husband on alert to listen for my phone in case I didn’t hear it. 12AM came and went, then 6AM, then 12PM – I was in brief contact with Kendall just waiting for her to get the phone call to come in and start the induction process.

Finally she gets the call and I’m on high alert because I know her last baby was an extremely quick labor. Waiting, waiting, waiting – still nothing. Then, around 8PM she texted me that she was finally at 5CM. I normally don’t rush to a birth unless mom is 6-7CM, but something told me I needed to hurry.

I hopped in the car, with a 30 minute drive to Scottsdale – I walked in the room, put the lens on my camera and mom was already ready to push.

Just like that, baby Graham was born.

As crazy as it is bring on call, and having no idea when these babies are going going to come, it’s an absolute dream to capture these memories for families. Especially for mom’s – when you’re laboring you don’t realize half of what’s going on, but having these images to look back on really lets you enjoy the experience!

Congratulations Cislo family!

birth and newborn boy session; olive and navy colors

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