Peoria Newborn Photographer | Ali

Peoria Newborn Photographer | Ali

when this mom contacted me she was so worried that she missed the opportunity for newborn pictures because her baby was past the two week window. I assured her we would definitely be able to get those sweet newborn pictures even though baby was four weeks old at the time of his session.

baby was sleeping when they arrived and we jumped right in to his session. he did so good too! he briefly woke up as I wrapped him up but after that, Ari was totally out.

mom was a little hesitant that he didn’t normally like to be swaddled at home, she thought he was for sure going to lose his mind. he didn’t though, he cozied right up and kept snoozin’ through his session.

I try to always tell my clients that just because their baby is a little older than two weeks old, that doesn’t mean you missed out on newborn pictures! I’ve done several babies at four weeks old, and I’ve gone up to seven weeks old.

it’s a little more challenging, and some poses aren’t possible – but I promise I’ll still get you some gorgeous newborn shots to look back on. please don’t ever hesitate to contact because you think your newborn might be too old.

some photographers aren’t comfortable with “older” babies, and they’ll tell you that they’re too old, they are not – I promise!

if you’re ready to set up your newborn session with us – feel free to take a look at our package list and contact us!

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If you’re searching for a photographer within the Phoenix area, please contact me to schedule your session today. All newborn sessions take place at my in-home studio located in North Phoenix. I have a variety of props, all of which are available to use in your session.