North Phoenix Maternity, Birth, and Newborn | Ava

North Phoenix Maternity, Birth, and Newborn | Ava

When I first met the Alvarez’s it was for their maternity session, I think I was like 34 weeks pregnant or something. Allyson had already booked me for a maternity, birth, and newborn – and she was like two weeks behind me in her pregnancy. It got to the point where I realized I didn’t plan it very well, and if she went into labor early, or I went into labor late – it could be a not so happy ending for their birth story. But, whatever, we went with it.

So, I had my baby, a couple weeks went by and Allyson still hadn’t, so we were good. Then Allyson’s due date came and went, still nothing. Meanwhile, I had another birth client who was due like a week after Allyson. So now we’re approaching client #2’s due date and I’m starting to freak out again.

Around this time Allyson tells me she’s scheduled to be induced June 4th, fantastic. Then a couple days later cleint #2 messages me and says they scheduled an induction date for her… June 4th. Like seriously, what are the chances.

Well, we roll with it. And I’m a hot mess thinking I’m going to miss one of their birth stories. Allyson called me like a week before her due date, said she failed her fluid levels check and was scheduled to be induced that afternoon. SWEET! The early afternoon turns to late evening with minimal progress. Finally, around 8PM I get the text that she’s 5cm. I told her I would get my kids in bed and head that way – which was a fantastic plan until she text me 20 minutes later and said she’s at an 8 and feeling pressure.

I literally flew down the freeway hoping to make it in time. When I walked in she said she had been feeling the urge to push but wasn’t going to tell a nurse until I got there – she’s crazy I know!

But, baby Ava was born about 20 minutes after I got there and she was absolutely perfect!

maternity, birth, and newborn girl session; cream and sage colors
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