Deciding Between a Birth Story or Fresh 48 Session

Deciding Between a Birth Story or Fresh 48 Session

Finding out you’re pregnant can be one of the most incredible times of your life. There’s so much to do, so much to plan for, in such a short amount of time – how can you possibly get it all done in just nine months?

Well, I’m here to let you know you can – and you will. I promise. So take a deep breath and let’s chat about what you want documented when you bring this perfect little human into the world.

As an Arizona Birth Photographer I receive a lot of questions when it comes to deciding between a birth story or fresh 48 session. What’s the difference? How do I know what I want? What can I do to plan for my session? So, let’s dive right in!

A birth story is a lot more in depth in terms of what you’re going to get. We will be in very close contact from the point of booking until delivery. Upon booking a birth story I have a very extensive questionnaire to be filled out so I know exactly what your birth plan is, and what you’re looking to get out of your session with me. We’ll have many discussions throughout your pregnancy, most of which you would feel are TMI, but for me it’s just another day at the office! All of these details help me understand what your body is doing, and how it’s preparing for labor. Which, in turn, helps me know when I’ll need to leave once I get ‘that call’.

A fresh 48 is quicker, and much less communication. These are completely ‘lifestyle’ type sessions where I’m just there to capture life as it’s happening. I do direct minimal posing, but for the most part I just want you to remember these moments for what they were. imperfectly perfect.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is whether you want the first moment you met your baby – or those first few hours the following day. or both.

If you’re ready to set up your birth session with us, or have any questions on how to prepare for a birth session (with me, of course) – feel free to take a look at our package list and contact us!

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If you’re searching for an Arizona Birth Photographer, please contact me to schedule your session today; I only accept a limited amount of births per month to ensure adequate time around each due date.

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