Remembering Archer

Remembering Archer

I’ve been thinking about how I could write this post remembering Archer for a really long time now, but there just aren’t words to really explain it. I get asked pretty often how I can stand to be a bereavement photographer, and I know people just genuinely want to understand how you can be present in such heart breaking moments. Please be aware, this post may be a trigger warning for those suffering with infant loss.

The truth is, it’s really hard. Composing yourself in the moment to ensure you’re not putting any of your feelings on to the family. Only to completely lose it when you get to your car. But, these moments are everything to these families. These pictures are the only thing they’ll have to look back on to remember their babies day after day.

I’ve known this family for over three years now, and I’ve been documenting their family almost every occasion/holiday since their oldest was in her momma’s belly. They’ve become much more than just clients. My kids know them, they’ve been to our house for parties, and so much more. I remember the exact moment I got the text that their baby boy wasn’t going to make it. I was standing at my kitchen sink getting ready for my youngest son’s 2nd birthday party, and my heart sank for them.

We were amidst the first lock down due to covid and everywhere was on strict protocols. But I just knew I had to do anything and everything I could to be there for them, to document their baby boy. I’m am eternally grateful for the staff at Banner Del Webb who chose morals over policies to accommodate me being there with them.

Now we’re celebrating Archer’s first birthday, and they forever have these images to remember his sweet face. Which is actually identical to his big sister. The second I saw his face I was like “you guys literally created a boy version of Ava, copy and paste. He’s perfect though, in every sense.”

They say time heals all wounds, but the loss of a child is something I don’t think you every fully recover from. They take a little piece of you with them and you’ll never have that piece back until you see them again. But for me, I feel peace in knowing I gave the family everything I could to help in that healing process. And that’s why I choose to do these sessions. They’re not easy by any means, but they’re absolutely worth every second of it.

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