the cutest coke bottle prop.

As a seasoned Arizona mini photographer, every year I challenge myself to outdo the previous year’s Valentine’s Mini sessions. This year, I embarked on a journey to create a unique and captivating setup – one that would stand out from my past endeavors. The result was an exciting, retro diner setup, bursting with nostalgia and charm. My favorite part? The cutest coke bottle prop created by yours truly.

The Concept

Beginning the brainstorming process, I was determined to venture beyond the conventional. I yearned for a refreshing change, something totally different from the predictable Valentine’s setups I’ve done in the past. As I pondered and sketched, the vision of a classic retro diner emerged – a setting rich with vibrant aesthetics and a timeless appeal.

The Setup

This retro diner setting, with its checkered counters, iconic retro esthetic, and treat wall captured my heart. But what I loved most was the opportunity it offered for authentic, candid moments. From children sharing a pretend sodas, to pretend bubble gum, and not to mention cupcakes; the possibilities were endless.

The Prop Twist

In envisioning the setup, I knew I would want to incorporate the quintessential diner prop, glass coke bottles. However, I also recognized the potential concern of having energetic children consuming copious amounts of Coca Cola during the photo sessions. So I created the cutest coke bottle prop.

My solution? A creative improvisation with Jell-O.

I fashioned a concoction that when set, mimicked the rich, inviting color of a chilled coca cola bottle. The result was a convincing, fun, and child-friendly prop that added the perfect finishing touch to the retro diner setup.

I simply mixed red and blue jell-o together and poured it into each of the coke bottles. I inserted a clear straw before letting it set – this would late hold individual straws for each kid during their session. Once the jell-o was set, I cut paper valentine straws in half to insert for each child. Since the sessions were only 10 minutes each, it was easy to keep them cold the whole time by just rotating the ones used in and out of the fridge.

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