Glendale Newborn Photographer | Joaquin

Glendale Newborn Photographer | Joaquin

Sweet little Joaquin – what a dream this little guy was. He didn’t make a peep his entire session; totally went with the flow.

Aside from neutrals, sage is definitely at the top of my favorite colors list. I mean, you can see why – right?! It’s perfect. Especially with his dark hair, on the light backdrops – just gorgeous.

But, even more so, I LOVE it on the dark wood. Just take a second and look at those last two pictures. His complexion, the dark wood, some greens, and his itty bitty toes peeking out – like, I just die.

I do have to take a quick second to talk about big sister though, (she was two and a half, three-ish?) I can’t remember exactly, but she was SO GOOD! So quiet the whole session, just doing her own little thing while I did his portion. Then, it came time for her part and she was a little hesitant at first, but did totally amazing!

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