Scottsdale Fresh 48 Photographer | LeReu

Scottsdale Fresh 48 Photographer | LeReu

in case you don’t already know this – I really, really, love fresh 48 sessions. and I think everyone should add them on to their newborn sessions – because you can never, ever, get those moments back.

your baby will never be less than 48 hours old, ever again. they’ll never be swaddled in one of those classic pink and blue striped blankets. they’ll never sleep in a creeky, wooden, hospital bassinet either.

trust me, in ten years, or five years, or even a month from then – you’re going to *love* those first pictures of your baby. those brand new piggy’s with the hospital bracelets. those crop top kimono style hospital shirts.

you’re going to miss it all, mark my words – I know this because I have super limited pictures of my first two when they were in the hospital, and it stinks. but, I made up for it when I had my last baby – I overcompensated on his, lol.

If you’re searching for a photographer within the Phoenix area, please contact me to schedule your session today. All newborn sessions take place at my in-home studio located in North Phoenix. I have a variety of props, all of which are available to use in your session.