the experience

the experience

As a professional photographer specializing in the precious moments of early parenthood, I go beyond merely capturing images. Whether it’s a maternity session or a newborn session, my goal is to provide an experience that leaves you as stress-free as possible. To achieve this, my focus is on creating a serene and comfortable environment where you can relax and enjoy the process, assured that every detail is being taken care of with the utmost attention.

I understand the delicate nature of this time; it’s a mix of excitement, anticipation, and, of course, the undeniable demands of early parenthood. That’s why I keep my studio stocked with everything you’ll need for your session. 

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It’s not just about the items I provide; it’s about the peace of mind that comes with them. When you enter my studio, you’ll find a warm and inviting space, equipped with comfortable seating, a changing area, and an assortment of snacks and beverages to keep you refreshed. All these little comforts mean that you can focus on the bonding experience with your baby, rather than worrying about the logistics of the session.

I also believe that communication is key to ensuring your satisfaction. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your treasured images, I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. I’ll work with you to understand your vision and preferences, and provide gentle direction during the session to capture you and your baby in the most flattering and heartfelt way possible.

In short, when you book a session with me, you’re not just getting a photographer – you’re gaining a professional dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience that yields timeless images of these fleeting moments. Remember, these are more than just photos; they’re cherished memories in the making, and I am here to make that happen with ease and grace.

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snack corner

We offer a variety of snacks and refreshments suited for any moment. If you need a swift energy boost between scenes during your maternity or boudoir shoot, we’ve got you covered with quick snacks that will keep you energized without slowing you down.

Parents who are patiently waiting for their newborn’s session to conclude can also find comfort in our selection of bites. We even have toddler friendly options for the little ones waiting for their newborn sibling.

We understand that these sessions can take some time, and making sure you’re comfortable and satiated is part of our commitment to providing a stellar experience.

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the snacks

the toys

sibling area

Our space is not just snack-friendly, but it’s also designed with family in mind. Along with the toddler-friendly snacks, we’ve created an engaging sibling area specifically tailored to keep the little ones occupied. In this designated area, siblings of all ages can enjoy a variety of activities that encourage creativity and play, ensuring they’re having just as much fun.

From coloring books to soft play items, the sibling area is a safe and enjoyable space that allows parents to relax while their children play in close view. It’s our way of making sure that every member of the family feels welcomed and entertained during their visit.

studio samples

When considering a photography session, it’s incredibly beneficial to have tangible examples of what you can expect from your own shoot. To facilitate this, we maintain a variety of studio samples that are available for viewing. These samples encompass a range of products, each crafted with care and representative of the high-quality output we are committed to delivering.

Our display allows you not only to view these items but also to interact with them physically—to feel the textures of the materials, examine the print quality, and imagine how these products might look within your own space. Whether you’re interested in traditional framed prints, contemporary canvas wraps, or unique, custom-designed photo books, our studio samples serve as a testament to the work we can create together. Through them, you can garner a solid understanding of the different options available for showcasing the precious moments captured during your session.

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the products

the wardrobe

client closet

it’s essential that every detail is perfect, and that includes what you wear. It’s not just the props for newborns, and the fun accessories for cake smashes that I provide—I take it a step further with an entire client closet available specifically for your session.

Additionally, I’ve carefully selected outfits for siblings that will complement the newborn session. For moms, I understand the importance of feeling beautiful and at ease after giving birth, so I offer a variety of clothing options that are flattering and cozy.

And let’s not forget about dad – while the options for fathers are often overlooked, I’ve included stylish shirts that can be coordinated with the rest of the family’s attire to ensure he also feels part of this special moment.

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immediate viewing

same day reveal

included in your session is a same day reveal, this allows you to view your images immediately after your session. with our luxury experience you don’t have to wait 1-2 weeks before you get to view and select your images.

following your session, you will have the option to run and grab a quick bite, or order food to be delivered to the studio. while you and your family eats lunch, I will cull through your images, and lightly soft-proof them, to get them ready for viewing. after lunch, you will be able to go through your gallery and make your images selections on the spot.

How it Works



to get the process started, you’ll submit a contact form so I can get an idea of what you’re looking for.


Discovery Call

following the submission of your contact form we will set up a time to discuss all the details of your session.


Contract + Deposit

once we complete the discovery call I will collect your contract and session fee, and you will also receive the session questionnaire to customize your session.


session date

when you come in, I’ll take it from there. we will spend the first portion shooting, and then we will head into the same day image reveal.

what do you think, are you ready?

By submitting a contact form, you allow us the opportunity to learn more about you—your desires, your expectations, and how we can tailor our services for you.

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