SBP | employment application

Newborn Assistant Application

Please fill out this application in full as well as providing availability. I am looking for someone to assist me during newborn sessions. Applicant can currently be a photographer, however, doesn’t plan to enter the field of newborn photography. You will be required to sign a non-compete if you are hired. 

My newborn sessions take place on Monday-Friday morning at 9:30AM, and last 1-4 hours depending on baby, how many sessions we have, and how big the family is. I am looking for someone with availability during those times. 

Job Duties Include, but not limited to:

  • spotting baby
  • setting up for the next set
  • cleaning up props used after the session
  • grabbing items that are out of reach
  • help get other kids’ attention during family/sibling shots
  • cleaning up baby excreta (poop, pee, & spit up)
  • taking BTS footage
Do you have any experience with babies or children?(required)

Do you have any children of your own?(required)

Do you have any administrative experience? (This includes things likes answering e-mails, scheduling, sending invoices, etc. If things work out, in the future I may bring add on more hours to accommodate office work): (required)

What days of the week are you available between the times of 9:30am-2pm? *(required)

Are you comfortable taking BTS footage using my phone and/or camera?(required)

Do you agree to disclose if you run fever, have a cough, feel under the weather, or have been exposed to COVID-19?(required)

Do you agree to sign a non-compete (that you will not use what you've learned with Shannon Burke Photography to open your own newborn photography business within a 60 mile radius)?(required)

Do you agree to be dependable and on time? (This is important, as an assistant is a promise I make to my clients as part of their package and what they pay for). (required)

Do you have reliable transportation to get to work?(required)

At this current time I’m only looking for Tuesday/Thursday availability, however it will increase to more days as we get closer to fall season and my schedule picks up.

I will read all applications and e-mail or text back those who I feel are most qualified for the job, we will then set up a time to meet and then afterwards I will have you over to sit in on a newborn session so you can see what you will be helping with and learn the flow of these sessions. 

Newborn sessions generally last between 1-4 hours and you will be paid for that time. 

Starting pay is $18 an hour, and you will be set up as a 1099 employee.

*By submitting this form I agree that all of the above statements are true and accurate.