Favorite Newborn Poses

Favorite Newborn Poses

so, we’re gonna try to talk about some new stuff ’round here. I wanted to just go over some of my absolute favorite newborn poses that I pretty much do every session, or at least try to do. I also wanted to talk about some concerns with some of the poses, and how to make sure you’re doing them properly (if you’re a photographer).
newborn froggy pose
1. Froggy
I won’t lie, this is probably one of the most controversial poses in the newborn photography world. The biggest issue is new photographers don’t properly know how to pose baby in this way, making sure to keep them as safe as possible. Unfortunately there are established photographers who do this pose incorrectly either. My biggest advice, if someone is handling your baby in a way that makes you question/worried – SPEAK UP! It’s okay to say it makes you uncomfortable. This pose should always be done as a composite – what does that mean? It means your photographer should be taking two separate images (one holding their wrists, and one holding their head) and then photoshop’ing them together to make the hands disappear.
If you’re a photographer and don’t know how to do this, please don’t try it on a baby. Practice composited on a doll or stuffed animal until you’re confident.

newborn womb pose
2. Womb
From the very start of my career this has been a favorite pose of mine. I love the way you can curl baby up to the way they were in the womb. It’s definitely a struggle for bigger babies, and some babies just flat out won’t do it – but that’s with every pose. Some babies can/will, some babies just won’t. But I do love a good womb pose.

newborn taco pose
3. Taco
I’m not entirely sure where these pose names came from – but regardless, I do love tacos (baby tacos are no exception). I’ve found that even babies who won’t do the womb pose, will agree to this one. It’s a great variation from the womb, and you still get to see their precious little faces and their tiny toes.

newborn bum up pose
4. Bum-Up
I feel like this is probably the most common newborn pose out there – it’s like the ‘simple one’ that everyone goes for. I promise it’s a little trickier than you would think! It’s taken me a full three years to finally get it where I want it, and a lot of tweaking and learning during that time! P.S. how freakin’ delicious are those rolls!

newborn forward facing pose
5. Forward Facing/Chin on Hands
I won’t even lie, it took me FOREVER to get this pose down. I am a strong believer that babies can sense your fear – and holy moly did they sense mine. It was like everytime I went for this pose they babies would lose their minds; and I would just give up. One day I set my mind to figure out how to get this pose, and once I became more confident in myself, babies tolerated this pose so much more! And now it’s just like every other pose, it’s usually a breeze (there are some exceptions though).

newborn egg wrap pose
6. Egg Wrap
This pose is a new favorite of mine, and if you follow me on social media I’m sure you can tell! I don’t even know what it is about this pose, I just think it’s so cute the way baby is wrapped, but you can still see all their little features.

newborn potato sack pose
7. Potato Sack
This is another one of those controversial poses (&  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have controversy regarding certain poses). It means that people care – and in this line of business it’s totally a good thing. The problem that some see with this pose is the possibility of constricting baby’s airway. New photographers don’t understand the risk with baby being in this position and having the chin too close to their chest. Think of it like a bendy straw – if you bend it all the way down, it cuts off the flow. Same with baby’s airway. So again, if you’re a newer photographer and you’re not 110% comfortable, either don’t do it at all – or do it as a composite like the froggy pose.

newborn toes peeking pose
8. Toes Peeking
okay, there’s no way you can look at this and not love it. literally every time I do this wrap, you can hear the “aww’s” coming from mom and dad. there’s something so simple about this style wrap, and still being able to see their toes peeking through that parents absolutely adore.

newborn bucket pose
9. “Bucket Pose”
This bucket pose is also always a huge hit with parents – they love it. One thing I will say about this pose, is to make sure baby is stable – I have an assistant always hovering right out of my camera frame in case baby moves even the slightest bit. Sometimes if baby is really “floppy” and their head won’t stay in position, I’ll have my assistant hold the top of their head with one finger and then composite it in photoshop later.

My biggest concern, regardless of the pose, is always baby’s safety. There is no pose I want bad enough to risk their safety, ever. But any given session, these are definitely my favorite newborn poses!
With all these poses their are several variations you can get from them as well. You can get different angles, headbands, hats, layers to cover part of baby – there’s so much you can do with every pose!

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