instagram collaborator for photographers

Instagram collaborator for photographers

If you’ve been on instagram lately you may have seen some posts that say XXX and XXX as the person who shared it, it’s the new instagram collaborator feature. Basically when you make a new post you have the option to tag people/vendors, or invite ONE to be a collaborator.

When you invite someone to be a collaborator, all of their followers PLUS all of your followers can see the content. This is amazing for small business to expand, and reach new potential clients. You can also use this to tag a vendor to have it show on their feed, and vendors can tag photographers.

All around the instagram collaborator feature is great exposure for small businesses!

instagram collaborator

I tested this out this week, and it’s actually pretty great! You can do it on reels or standard posts, but you have to tag the collaborator before you post. You can’t go back in and add a collaborator after you post. I should also mention, the recipient has to approve it for it to be featured on their side too.

instagram tag people
instagram invite a collaborator
instagram invite a collaborator

Here are just some basic analytics form my own instagram. I don’t post a ton of reels, so obviously insta hates me for that, but it is what it is.

instagram post insight
24 hours of regular post, no collaborator tag.
instagram post insight
18 hours of regular post, with collaborator tag.
instagram reel insights
17 hours of reel, with collaborator tag.

As you can see the reach is insanely different! I also took a screenshot of my overall instagram insights to show how much different it is with the instagram collaborator feature! I posted my first post with a collaborator on Wednesday, so these insights are from Wednesday-Saturday, and automatically compares to Sunday-Tuesday prior to the collaborator post.

instagram insight overview

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