Maternity + Family Session Prep Guide

You scheduled your family and/or maternity session, great! Now what?

Let’s talk about planning the clothing for your session!

Mom’s –

plan your outfit first, and then coordinate everyone else’s around it – you want to make sure you’re most comfortable heading into this session.

maxi dresses, maxi skirts, etc. are a perfect options for mothers – they’re flowy, they cling in the right places, flow in the right place, and they create great texture within your images. think about the areas you love the least and plan for it; don’t like your arms – wear long sleeve. self conscious of your stomach – don’t wear tight fighting in that spot.

Dad’s –family of three session in grass and trees

keep it simple for the dad’s, we know they don’t want to be there anyways!
a casual shirt+ jeans is perfect – no logos or graphic tees


Kids –

girls: skirts + tops | maxi dresses | sandals – not flip flops
boys: casual shirt | jeans/khaki pants | casual shoes – not sneakers
babies: keep it simple, especially if they can’t walk. yes, I understand there are some super cute outfits out there, but it doesn’t do any good if it’s bunched up around their face with their belly showing. you know what I mean? one piece rompers are totally in right now, and I’m not talking about those plain cotton onesies, unless they’re a newborn.

a few helpful hints –

texture over patterns –

a good rule of thumb: choose one person to have the patterned outfit, and then pull solid colors from that for everyone else. this will tie in all the colors, and not make it seem too “busy”

choosing your color palette –

what season is is, where is your session location, what colors are furnishing your home – think of how these will look displayed through your home.
avoid: bright/neon colors – they don’t photograph well, and they create color casts on skin

wear nice, but comfy, shoes –

you have kids, assume that you will be playing and chasing them throughout your session! Yes, we’re aiming to get those classic family images, but my main goal is to capture images of you just being mom + dad with your babies – because there’s nothing better than looking at a picture and just hearing your child’s belly laugh.
females: sandals (not flip flops); males: loafers, business casual shoes, even Converse/Vans look great

accessories –

females: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. all help accentuate your outfit.
males: layers! collard shirts under vests, cardigans, etc.

places to shop:

kids: Zara, Baby Gap, Abercrombie, Bailey’s Blossoms, and Janie and Jack.

adults + older kids: Anthropologie, Free People, Express, Spool 72, Abercrombie and Fitch,  and American Eagle. PinkBlush has great maxi dresses for moms, expecting or not!

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