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What to Expect From Your Newborn Session

What to Expect From Your Newborn Session

You’re expecting, and now you need to figure out what to expect from your newborn session – let me help you!

Do your research!
What photographers are in your area? me.
What are peers, or previous clients, saying about them? that I’m patient, and I’m so great with babies.
What does their portfolio look like? a little moody; I love some shadows.
Is it the style you want to display in your home? of course it is.

You’ve decided you like their work – Now it’s time to contact!
Do they have availability? contact me, let’s see!
What kind of packages do they offer? I have a few different options, click here to see what your options are.
What are their safety qualifications? For my baby clients, over the past four years I’ve taken several online classes from some of the most world-renowned photographers to make sure that I properly handle, and pose your baby, the entire time they’re with me. I also have three kids of my own that I haven’t damaged yet, lol. I am also completely up to date on all vaccines to ensure the safety of your tiny human.
How long have they been in business? Four years!
Are they licensed + insured? I sure am!
*I’ve seen so many novice photographers not even know they could be licensed and insured – that means they’re not running a legit business, FYI.

You scheduled your newborn photos – let’s talk about how to prepare!
I typically recommend contacting me once you’re in your second trimester, my calendar fills up quickly and I have clients contacting me as early as 8 weeks. Don’t wait to book!Now that you’re booked with *me* (wink, wink) I’ll put your due date on my calendar. I reserve a certain amount of due dates each month, since we don’t know exactly when babies will come this ensures that we will get your hard date within those first two weeks after birth. If your baby has already arrived and you’re trying to squeeze them in – ALWAYS reach out. Sometimes all my babies come at once leaving some last minute openings.

Once baby is here, we’ll confirm your session date and I will send over a pre-session prep guide to help prepare you and baby for a successful session, all the way down to some styling advice for parent shots. Newborn sessions are typically done between 5-12 days after birth. They are held at my in-home studio only Monday-Friday at 9:30AM. For boys, if you plan on circumcising, please schedule your session prior to the procedure – or at least 5 days after.

The actual session totally depends on baby and what they’re willing to do. Some babies are wide awake when you get to the studio, and that’s okay – don’t freak out. Sometimes I’ll let them just be awake for a little while and then we’ll go from there. My sessions are typically split in half; half naked shots and half swaddled shots. However, if your baby hates being naked, I wouldn’t have high hopes of having a large portion in your gallery of naked shots; same if they’re awake. We’ll do awake shots and then swaddle and continue from there. If they fall into a good sleep, we’ll try to get some naked shots along the way. I don’t guarantee any poses during a newborn session because it’s completely dependent on how baby cooperates.

If you’re a client and ready to set up your session with us – feel free to take a look at our package list and contact us!

If you’re searching for a Newborn Photographer in Arizona, please contact me to schedule your session today. All newborn sessions take place at my commercial studio located in North Phoenix (85027). I have a variety of props, all of which are available to use in your session.